Born to a family of traveling gypsies in 1980 while trapped in war-torn Iran, Shouresh grew up in a world of dangers and reckless abandon. After multiple attempts at running away to become a Russian sailor, finally at the age of 8 it was decided that Shouresh would be taught the traditional art of Persian calligraphy by his grandfather, as a means to occupy the imaginative youngster and pull him back from his rich fantasy world. Although his introduction to calligraphy did little to redirect attention towards school and daily life, it did mark the beginning of Shouresh’s love affair with line work and form. Following his family’s eventual flight from Iran to Canada, Shouresh found a new talent in embellishing and bending the truth, according to him lies colour an otherwise gray world. The combination of his drawing abilities, eye for composition and habitual lying made Shouresh the ideal candidate for work in the advertising industry. It was while working as an ad-man in Winnipeg that he discovered the only way he could communicate with the world around him in any meaningful way is through the visual language of lines, shapes and colour.

Now Shouresh spends most of his energy exploring the deepest and most useless of philosophical ideas in an attempt to bring some semblance of meaning to his art work, all in hopes that some day he’ll be better able to mock the world around him.